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BRANDFARM offers a turn-key solution for brands wishing to realize commercial success in Australasia and North America. We work with companies under exclusive distribution contracts or for companies with their own distribution network we can provide marketing and brand building consultancy services to help drive sustainable growth.

Here at BRANDFARM our sole purpose is to see your brand grow in a sustainable, profitable and ethical manner. Once we have planted the seed and laid the foundations for growth we begin to implement the core sales, distribution and marketing strategies that we have worked on with our brand partners.

In addition to a partner network of distributors, regulatory experts, logistics suppliers and marketing resources around the globe Brandfarm has warehousing in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. We also have an experienced full service in-house marketing team based in Sydney Australia to ensure our brands maximize their reach and potential.



Water Pik, Inc. invented the water flosser (also known as a dental water jet or oral irrigator) in 1962. For nearly 50 years Waterpik has been a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative personal and oral healthcare products for the entire family.

Worldwide 9 out of 10 dental professionals recommend the Waterpik Waterflosser over other brands. That’s because Waterpik is known for unsurpassed product performance and quality, with more research support than any other brand on the market. Dental professionals feel confident their patients will improve their oral health when they recommend the clinically proven Waterpik Waterflossers.

Brandfarm have taken Waterpik from an obscure and unknown brand in the Australia marketplace to a market leader in the oral care category. Today Waterpik products can be found in more than 1000 stores throughout Australia with 10’s of thousands of happy customers buying our products every year.


Building success in Australia and New Zealand with Waterpik

Brandfarm was awarded the exclusive distribution rights for one of the USA’s leading oral care brands in 2011. At that time the brand had stagnated at around $250,000 a year in retail sales with little to no growth for the past 10 years. Within 12 months we had taken the distribution footprint from 56 stores to more than 400.

Now, 6 years later Waterpik can be found through Australia’s largest retailers with more than 1100 stores and retail sales in excess of $8 million per year.



White Glo was first established in Australia in 1993 and was the first brand to introduce teeth whitening products to the Australian market.

From inception, White Glo has always set high goals and industry standards to achieve recognition in research and development technology.

White Glo is now one of the market leaders in Australia’s whitening toothpaste and teeth whitening markets. The original White Glo whitening system was Australia’s fastest selling whitening system – selling in excess of 1 million units.

Today Brandfarm is continuing that success and helping to build the White Glo brand in markets like the USA, Canada and Mexico.



Maintaining good oral hygiene is especially important when it comes to looking and feeling your best. Plackers offers a variety of innovative oral care solutions to help bring out your smile, including a comprehensive line of dental flossers, a variety of oral hygiene accessories, and dental night protectors.

Plackers is a trusted brand with a history of providing the highest quality products that are easy and convenient to use.




ChinUp Mask is the revolutionary new beauty treatment that can improve the appearance of a double chin by over 2cm+, by lifting and firming around the face area to give a more contoured looking jawline. Loved by celebrities and the media alike, ChinUp Mask aims to give people the confidence and happiness that they often seek with cosmetic surgery but without the pain, risk or cost.
With a background in technology and innovation, the ChinUp founders and co-inventors from London have a track record of having their finger on the pulse, monitoring trends and successfully bringing to market revolutionary, problem solving new products.
Living in an on-demand world; they wanted to come up with an innovative product that would provide instant results to tackle this ever growing concern. With this in mind the co-founders headed off to the beauty capital of the world – South Korea – to work with a highly respected cosmetic chemist and begin their quest to banish the double chin. 18 months and many, many, attempts later they finally developed the perfect formula.
Offering instant gratification, with results that are immediately visible and measurable after only one 30 minute treatment, ChinUp Mask was born.
Up Yours continues to win recognition around the globe taking out Best of Show at the 2017 Las Vegas Cosmoprof and two more prestigious Pure Beauty Awards in 2017, winning the top Gold award for Best New Facemask, and a Bronze award for Best Packaging & Design.



Wildfire’s aim is to bring couples closer together, to help them explore their relationship in new ways and perhaps most importantly to learn to love themselves.




At Masque Bar, we are your eyes on the world.

We believe that there are beauty breakthroughs out there if you look hard enough to find them. And that’s what we do at Masque Bar. Our team travels across Asia, Europe and the Americas to search out revolutionary new skin care developments.

Our mission is to take you beyond what you will find today in stores and spas. We are determined to seek out unique products that will make a difference in your beauty regimen.

Our incredible range of do it yourself masques are beauty breakthroughs that infuse clinically tested serums and essences into thin cotton or fiber sheet masks that are designed to wrap the contours of the face perfectly.
If there’s a safe, effective and affordable beauty product or treatment that’s helping women to look their best, the ‘beauty explorers’ at Masque Bar are determined to find it and bring it to you.




Welcome to a makeup removal revolution. The GLOV Makeup Remover saves valuable time and effort, without skimping on results. Just wet the glove, wipe your face, and melt away the day. GLOV is as simple as that – and will leave your skin pure, soft, and thoroughly clean. The product Europe and the UK have welcomed as an essential part of their skincare routine is now available in Australia – and we can’t wait for you to try it for yourself

Our Makeup Removers have been so well-received worldwide that we’ve expanded our range of microfibre skincare. Our entire range of products are environmentally friendly, antimicrobial and straight-up convenient. Whatever your skincare concern may be, it’s time to get your GLOV on!




Michael Todd Beauty is an award winning Beauty Company with a line of medical grade, at-home beauty tools designed to maximize the benefits of skincare products.

In 2014, Michael Todd Beauty introduced the Soniclear – the world’s first antimicrobial sonic skin cleansing system, which gained global recognition and brick & mortar distribution with Prestige retailers. In 2016 Michael Todd Beauty introduced the Sonicblend, the first ever-antimicrobial dedicated sonic makeup brush along with a host of other beauty tools designed from an aesthetic and functional perspective to get the most out of your skincare products. 

The distinct difference with Michael Todd Beauty is that no other Beauty Tool brand has the array of tools that we have in our assortment and with affordable pricing.  The company’s current product portfolio includes sonic cleansing (two models) with antimicrobial brush heads, sonicsmooth (sonic dermaplaning), sonicblend (makeup application brush), SonicERASER PRO  (Infusion device), total refresher (microdermabrasion) and the SonicERASER(portable infusion device).  

Michael Todd Beauty continues to lead the beauty tool revolution and is defining the future of at-home beauty tools that will enhance and change your beauty routine forever.




BRANDFARM’s two directors have over 20 years of experience launching and managing brands around the world. We have experienced success on a global level across multiple categories and have particular expertise and experience in the personal care and health industries, having launched more than 30 brands into these two sectors.

While we are able to draw on decades of experience we also understand the new rules that are impacting product success around the globe. BRANDFARM understands the importance that new media and social platforms can play on a brands success in the Australian marketplace. Integrating these important mechanisms into our marketing campaigns ensures our clients brands achieve high levels of consumer involvement for minimum cost. Director Marshall Lees has developed and managed more than 100 fully integrated brand campaigns both locally and internationally across a wide range of FMCG and pharma categories.

Dealing with BRANDFARM also ensures you have a team with vast experience managing retail distribution. Our team has worked with every major pharmacy/drug, health, mass, convenience and grocery retailer in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.